Ethical Communications



Numbers tell a story too, so if you’re into stats, crunch on these.

Nowhere is the ethos and ambition of Provokateur more clearly demonstrated than here. Charities and campaign organisations account for half its client list, and the remaining half represents diverse organisations from across the ethical, creative and commercial spectrum. Working with such a mix of clients gives Provokateur its edge; fuelling its imagination and sharpening its instincts.

Provokateur is an agency that’s insatiably curious. It’s an appetite fed by its clients and the issues they work on, be they social or environmental, political or ethical. From peacebuilding to health policy, famine prevention to criminal justice, corporate responsibility to ethical consumerism, Provokateur relishes the challenges brought by every new client.

Were it possible, or permitted within the official rules, Provokateur’s client list would get a total Scrabble score of 2,320 points – without taking account of double or triple scoring. The highest scoring client gets 63 points, and the lowest a disappointing eight. Interestingly, charity scores are, on average, over twice that of companies. Although impossible, were ‘Leonard Cheshire’ played across the board it would score 72 points, including the triple word bonus.