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The Challenge

IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, is an international charity working in over forty countries to protect animals from environmental and human threats. They’re known not only as campaigners but for their on-the-ground work helping animals in crisis. When IFAW approached Provokateur, however, their website and online communications were a bit of a mess. For an organisation with such a strong reputation, their online presence was chaotic and confusing. The message behind their work was buried within an unwieldy website and it was hard to engage people with campaigns or fundraising. The brief for Provokateur was take a completely fresh look at IFAW’s digital presence, giving content, messaging, technology and design a complete overhaul.

The Solution

Provokateur’s user-centred approach to web design was fundamental to this project. Research, consultation and social media evaluation was used to inform a wholly new approach to the IFAW website. Content was stripped back and made more accessible. Images and key messages were given greater consideration and prominence. Fundraising and campaigns were brought to the fore giving members of the public an easy way to support IFAW’s work. And the overall design was made clean and impactful. Provokateur also worked closely with IFAW reviewing every item of content on the new site. It produced copywriting guidelines and advised on SEO optimisation as well as helping to re-write over 150 articles.

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